Why is Losing Weight So Hard?

Why is losing weight so hard? Many people wonder this each and every day. They want a quick fix to a weight problem that happened over time. When in reality there is no quick fix. Let’s look further into this matter to see what else we can discover.

People think at times all they have to do is lower their calories to lose weight. They lower them to the point though of downing their metabolism. When this happens the body will actually gain weight. A healthy diet is at least 1200 to 1500 calories for an active person. If your calorie intake is allowed to go below 1000 the metabolism can start slowing.

Another way people make it hard for themselves when trying to lose is misclassifying foods. While corn and peas are vegetables they are also starches. They should be eaten in the daily starch allotment instead of the vegetable one. Green leafy vegetables on the other hand definitely fit in the vegetable allotment for the day. So classify your food correctly.

Eat breakfast! This gets the metabolism going in the morning after being dormant overnight. So many people skip breakfast and it is the most important meal of the day. Also you can eat several small meals during the day instead of three big ones. This keeps your metabolism going more even throughout the day.

People don’t like to drink the water they are supposed to. They complain about not like the taste or that they spend too much time in the bathroom. This could make losing weight harder. The various cells of the body need water to do their various tasks. When these cells are healthy and doing their jobs right the body works more efficiently. This could help you lose weight more effectively.

Now the most important way people make it difficult on themselves losing weight is not exercising. If you don’t move your body cannot burn calories as effectively. You have to exercise on a regular basis to burn calories to the max.

People just think they can adjust their eating patterns and the weight will melt off. Well guess again. You still have to exercise to keep the metabolism at a level that burns calories fast enough for you to lose weight. Also the more muscle you have to better your body will burn fat. This is what you need to lose those unwanted pounds.

So why is losing weigh so hard? It is hard because we often do it the wrong way. We don’t eat right and want to lie around all day and still lose weight. You need to believe today that effective weight cannot happen when you do not exercise enough.

So make losing weight easier today and learn to eat the right foods, the correct amount of calories and exercise several times a week. You will see in a short amount of time that weight loss does not has to be as hard as it has been for you. You can start losing weight more effectively today.

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