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Cruise Phase Day 18

Day 18 of the Cruise Phase stats:

  • Weight Today 104.9 kgs
  • Weight Lost 0.0 kgs
  • Total Weight Lost 4.7 kgs

What I ate yesterday:

  • Breakfast – Dukan Galette (with blueberry quark)
  • Snack – none
  • Lunch – 2 eggs Scrambled with Home made Smoked Salmon, 0% fat yoghurt
  • Snack – none
  • Dinner – Hamburger, Cauliflour, Carrots, Asparagus and Onion, 0% fat yoghurt
  • Drinks – 2 ltrs water, 2 cups of tea, 1 cup of coffee
  • Exercise – none…….again!

No exercise again……but I did order a pair of walking shoes so it shows I was thinking about doing some.  I ordered those Reebok Easytones so I will have a fabulous bum next year!

I had loads of veggies for dinner as I didn´t have any for the last 3 days – that´s another thing I will need to make more effort over.  The problem is I don´t feel hungry during the day so I forget to make a plan for dinner.  Then around 7pm I start thinking about what I will have and by then it´s too late to organize a decent meal.

So it looks like my New Year Resolutions are taken care of this year!

Cruise Phase Day 2

Day 2 of the Cruise Phase stats:

  • Weight Today 106.7 kgs
  • Weight Lost 0.0kgs
  • Total Weight Lost 2.9 kgs

What I ate yesterday:

  • Breakfast – Oat Bran Porridge
  • Snack -none
  • Lunch – Grilled Panga with tomato and cucumber, Dukan Custard
  • Snack – 0% fat Natural Yoghurt, 2 slices turkey
  • Dinner – Stewed Beef with asparagus, 0% fat flavoured yoghurt.
  • Drinks – 2 ltrs water, 1 cup of tea, 1 cup of coffee
  • Exercise -20mins Cross Trainer

Although I thought I didn´t miss vegetables for the 7 days I was on the Attack Phase I must have as I really enjoyed the tomato and cucumber with my lunch!

My weight is the same so that´s not too bad as I was expecting it to go up a bit as Dr Dukan says this can happen in the book.  Today is an all Protein day.

This is a very straightforward diet – there are no doubts about what you can or cannot eat and I find that much easier to stick to than counting out fat and carbs and trying to stay within certain limits.