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Before and Half Way

I am on a roll with the weight loss again! Weight today is 94.1 so in the last week I went under 95 kilos (and under 15 stone). I am really happy I found The Dukan Diet. Here is a Before and Half-way through picture as I still have a bit of weight to lose.

The before picture was taken in May 2010 and the After was takin in Feb this year. I started dieting in July 2010, did 1 week on “Ice Cream & Fruit Juice Diet” and lost 2 kgs, 4 weeks on Calorie Controlled and lost 3 kgs, 8 weeks on Atkins but hit a major stall before I discovered The Dukan Diet. Been doing the Dukan since 1st November 2010 and I can´t believe how well I have stuck to it considering Christmas and New Year came and went. This has to be the best diet I have every done in my lifetime of dieting.

The only problem I have now is my clothes – most of them are falling off me, but I do have a few items I bought that didn´t fit at the time. As the summer will be here in a matter of weeks I am holding off on any shopping until I can buy some a summer wardrobe – although my usual summer “uniform” is a swimsuit and sarong when I am at home.

So if you are thinking about doing the Dukan, don´t wait any longer – get stuck in now and get rid of that weight!