About Me

My name is Geraldine and I am have spent most of my adult life on a merry-go-round of weight loss-weight gain.  I have tried all the diets from those shake abominations to the Ice Cream diet (don´t ask!!)

Needless to say I am still overweight and really need to lose over 30 kgs for the sake of my poor spine which has been through a rough time this past year!  I had Spinal Fusion surgery in January 2010 and my doctor has given me a dire warning that if I don´t lose weight I am putting my spine under such strain that I may need to have the same surgery again…..  After spending the last 8 months in various corsets and trying to build up my muscles again I don´t want to have to go through that again!!

So here I am embarking on the Dukan Diet and determined that this will be my last ever diet.

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