Before and Half Way

I am on a roll with the weight loss again! Weight today is 94.1 so in the last week I went under 95 kilos (and under 15 stone). I am really happy I found The Dukan Diet. Here is a Before and Half-way through picture as I still have a bit of weight to lose.

The before picture was taken in May 2010 and the After was takin in Feb this year. I started dieting in July 2010, did 1 week on “Ice Cream & Fruit Juice Diet” and lost 2 kgs, 4 weeks on Calorie Controlled and lost 3 kgs, 8 weeks on Atkins but hit a major stall before I discovered The Dukan Diet. Been doing the Dukan since 1st November 2010 and I can´t believe how well I have stuck to it considering Christmas and New Year came and went. This has to be the best diet I have every done in my lifetime of dieting.

The only problem I have now is my clothes – most of them are falling off me, but I do have a few items I bought that didn´t fit at the time. As the summer will be here in a matter of weeks I am holding off on any shopping until I can buy some a summer wardrobe – although my usual summer “uniform” is a swimsuit and sarong when I am at home.

So if you are thinking about doing the Dukan, don´t wait any longer – get stuck in now and get rid of that weight!

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  • darine:

    you inspired me to start the dunkan diet and i am on my day 6 , thank you even though it is hard to stay only on the protein , i even start a blog to make myself follow it and not cheat , it is kind of my diary .. thank you so much for the inspiration , i am going to be on the cruise diet from tomorrow i can use some advices or some good recipes , i will need that for sure . visit my blog if you like and thank you again .

    • Dukaneer:

      Hi, and thanks for commenting!

      I have had a look at your blog – congrats on getting started on the Dukan Diet and starting your own Diet Diary. You have done the hard part in getting the first week over. Now you need to make sure you stick at it. The best motivation to deep dieting is seeing the weight drop off and feeling more comfortable in your clothes – this encourages you to stay on track.

      Let me know how you are getting on!

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