February Update…

I know I said in my last post that I would go back to doing the updates but obviously that didn´t happen.

I am still on the Dukan Diet and sticking to it well.  I haven´t fallen off the wagon since the new year.  I have been massively tempted at times but as there is hardly any goodies left in the house it is easy to resist.  I have also discovered Dukan friendly chocolate pancakes which help me over any bad patches.

At times I have been bored with the limits of the diet, and at other times I have felt really hungry – but these seem to happen mostly on very cold days so I´m hoping things will get easier as the weather picks up.  I know – you´re saying “but you live in Spain – how cold can it be” but there is snow on the mountains just up the road, which we can see from our house.

My weight now is 96.8 kilos – still going in the right direction!  It´s been a bit slower weight loss for the past couple of weeks but that is more to do with the weather than the diet!

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