Post Christmas Update

I was really determined to stick to the Dukan Diet over Christmas and I mostly did – apart from falling off the wagon on Friday and Saturday :(

According to the scales I have put on 1.2 kgs, which I suppose isn´t too bad considering what I ate.  I went totally mad and had chocolates, wine, bread, jam, stuffing, apple cake and more chocolates.  And that was just the bad things – I also had some not too bad things as well.

But I am back on track now and will be getting back to keeping my diary every day.

I have also been busy with my new puppy, Fudge.  She is adorable, but hard work.  We have to house train her so are following her around making sure she doesn´t get too many chances to poo or pee in the house.  So she is taken out every couple of hours for some exercise and “evacuation” as they so politely put it in the doggy training sites.

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