Cruise Phase Day 51

Day 51 of the Cruise Phase stats:

  • Weight Today 102.7 kgs
  • Weight Lost 1.0 kgs
  • Total Weight Lost 6.9 kgs

What I ate yesterday:

  • Breakfast – Dukan Galette
  • Snack – 2 sugar free sweets
  • Lunch – Homemade Beef Burgers, 0% yoghurt
  • Snack – none
  • Dinner – Griled Tuna Steak, 0% yoghurt, 2 sugar free sweets
  • Drinks – About half a liter of water, 3 cups of tea, 1 cup of coffee
  • Exercise – Running around after the puppy

I have found that I am not drinking as much water as I did a few weeks ago – I will have to make more of an effort on the water drinking front!

So I am back on track with the diet and hoping to stay there!  There´s only New Years Eve left now to get over.

I found this great quote:

It´s not what you eat between Christmas and New Year that matters, but what you eat between the New Year and Christmas…

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